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Panasonic Thermal Fax KX-FT981
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Panasonic Thermal Fax KX-FT981

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Panasonic Thermal Fax KX-FT981:

Panasonic Thermal Fax memiliki berbagai keunggulan yakni resolusi 64-halftone yang membuat dokumen yang bergambar maupun foto yang diterima dapat diterima secara jelas dan baik. Alat ini memiliki fitur Navigator Key for Easy Operation sehingga lebih memudahkan dalam menggunakan Alat ini.

Berikut adalah berbagai fitur serta spesifikasi dari Panasonic Thermal Fax KX-FT981 ini:

Fitur-Fitur Panasonic Thermal Fax KX-FT981 :

•    28-Page Document Memory
•    Caller ID Ready
•    Automatic Document Feeder (10 Sheets)
•    100 Station Phonebook
•    Navigator Key for Easy Operation
•    Delayed Transmission
•    External Telephone Jack
•    Electronic Volume Control

Panasonic Thermal Fax KX-FT981 Spesifikasi:

Dual Acces Operation: No
Compact Design: Yes
Scan Contras: Yes
Print Contras: Yes
Flash Button for Mode Function: Yes
Printing Speed (PPM): 2
Navigator Key: Yes
Help Key: Yes
Enhanced Copier Function: Yes
Automatic Paper Cutter: No
Automatic TAM: No
Document Feeder (pages): 10
Out-of-Paper Reception (pages*1): 28
Delay Transmission: Yes
Sequential Broadcast (locations): 20
Modem Speed: 9,6 kbps
64-Level Halftones: Yes
One-Touch (stations): 10
Speed Dialer (stations): 100
Monitor Function: Yes
Electronic Volume Control: Yes
2 Line LCD Display: Yes
Error Correction Mode (ECM): Yes
Polling Function: Yes
Caller ID ready*4: Yes


Other Detail: Available Color : White,Silver,Black

* Based on ITU - T No.1 Test Chart
** Requires subscription to Caller ID service Please check with local telephone company for details and availibity

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